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  • 1. Tell me about your company

  • Tips on using text in logos:
    • Keep concept short. Use the simplest form of your company name.
    • "Inc","LLC", and similar terms should not be used in logos as they can detract from their quality.
    • Tag lines should be kept separate from the initial logo design.
  • 2. What colors best represent your business?

    Color plays a powerful role in how your customers will perceive your logo. Customers associate colors with certain attributes and qualities.
  • 3. What layout style do you prefer?

    There’s a process to how designers combine the different elements of a logo, whether it’s using an icon by itself (e.g. Apple Computer, McDonalds, Nike) or text only (e.g. Kellogg’s, GAP, Yahoo), or a combination of both (e.g. Texaco, Puma).

    Click the check boxes that represent your top two preferences.

  • 4. What font style do you prefer?

    The style of text, known as the font, will affect the message your logo portrays. A technology company might want to appear modern by using a sans serif font that has clean edges, instead of a script font that is more romantic. Keep in mind, these are just example, we have almost unlimited fonts to choose from.

  • 5. What are the Do's and Don’ts in your logo?

    What logo traits best represent your company? Your logo can portray many key traits about your company.

    McDonald’s arches are bold and fun, reminiscent of the fast food clown and plastic balls in their playgrounds
    The UPS logo is brown to remind us of cardboard packaging, with clean lines to remind us of efficiency and speed.
    The AT&T logo is shaped in the familiar globe, to symbolize a world surrounded by electronic energy.

    Are there some things you know you do and don’t want to see in your logo? Please type one item per line. This section is intended for specific things: e.g. "must show a hammer in concept" or "please work a star into the text"

  • 6. How do you plan to use your logo?

  • Are there any logos that you can give as examples that you like? These will only be used to determine the style of the logo you like, we will not copy the logo.