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Why Isn’t My Site Showing Up on Google?

There are a few factors that go into creating great web content and SEO rankings depend on each of them. Google orders search hits according to how relevant each site is to the terms entered into the search bar. In order for your site to appear near the top of the list, it needs content that’s thorough, informative and relevant to your industry and linked as a reference elsewhere on the web. Google’s search algorithm takes all these qualities into account when it creates listings.

You’re Missing Quality Content

Compelling content that’s personalized for your business is the best way for people to learn about your company as well as to increase your rankings. Your site may not be showing up on Google because your content doesn’t have the right mix of relevancy, volume and phrasing. Content and credibility rule the web and it’s critical that your site has the right mix of both.

There’s Not Enough Content

An incomplete or sparsely worded website will not fare favorably with Google. If your site has less content than other businesses in your industry, it’s assumed that your site doesn’t offer as much relevant information and will be ranked lower. This doesn’t mean you need to write long-form articles fit for The New Yorker, but the volume of copy on each page should indicate that you’re providing a valid description of your product or industry.

The Content Isn’t Relevant

The same goes with how relevant your content is to your industry. If it’s clear that you’ve copied and pasted writing that’s unrelated to your business, your site’s Google rankings will suffer. And besides, would your customers stick around your site long enough to commit to your service if it’s not what they’re actually looking for? Probably not.

There’s Keyword Stuffing

When people think of SEO, they may think of keyword stuffing. Including keywords and phrases is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, but your business can actually rank lower if Google perceives your site as one that slides in a key phrase every other word. At OnlineImage we write for people first. You don’t want to come up first in search results and have your site be an indecipherable jumble of keywords. Your site should be easy to read and comprehend. Take us for example, the OnlineImage site is filled with keywords and phrases, but you’d be hard pressed to find a phrase or word that seems unnatural. We know how to write persuasive copy that both reads well and includes phrases that will improve your site’s rankings.

Your Site is Missing Quality Links and Backlinks

If you’ve followed appropriate content guidelines, your site can become a reference for others. When consumers or industry leaders like what they read on your site, they are likely to link to it, adding to your site’s credibility as well as search engine ranking. On the other hand, if your site is linked by spammers or other third party websites, it could lose credibility.

OnlineImage Can Help

Google can be a fickle friend, but at OnlineImage we know how to create links and content that are not too hot, not too cold, but just right. We combine analytics with quality content and backlinks to craft that perfect blend of SEO magic that even Goldilocks herself would approve of.