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Local Marketing

  Did you know that 4 out of every 5 consumers use search engines to find local listings? They then use those listings to get directions, check out business hours, and look up phone numbers. Being found by those with a passing curiosity is nice and all. But it’s exponentially more profitable to be visible to people who are half a mile away and on the go, actively hunting for what you offer. Search engines want to provide this service — but you have to meet them halfway. And that’s where we come in. The better your online presence, the more you’ll connect with customers who need you. And “online presence” isn’t just your website. It’s the directoriesFor Internet marketing purposes, directories are sites that aggregate the contact information and ratings of multiple businesses. These can be general, like an old phonebook, or specific, such as a site that shows all the practicing lawyers in a specific area. from which search engines learn your address, phone number, hours of operation, and other vital information that literally puts you on the map. It’s the number of other websites that are aware of your existence and funnel traffic your way. And it’s the clues you send search engines that help them direct the right traffic your way. Online Image®’s Local OptimizationThis occurs through the process of geotargeting and other optimization techniques that aim to help sites improve search engine rankings for queries that come from IP addresses in a local area. services will hone your web presence so that when people look for a product or service you advertise on the information superhighway, your phone number and everything they need to make a quick, favorable decision will be right in front of them. That way, their next step will be to hit the real highway and head straight to you. Call Online Image® or fill out this form for a free consultation and start getting discovered online.

Realistic, Achievable Results

We have specific techniques to ensure you get search results that are realistic and achievable, giving you precise placement under converting keywords.
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As the Internet finds its way into more and more people’s pockets, consumers are looking online not just for educational information, but also for quick details about snap decisions while on the go. For your brick-and-mortar business, that search activity represents a huge opportunity. When search engines try to serve up results that are relevant to the reader, now more than ever, a key part of “relevance” is location, location, location.