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Our Reports

We keep you informed

We like to keep our clients informed about what we’re doing and how that it affects their business. We’ll call once a month to update clients and decipher relevant statistics. Without boring you with long-winded explanations concerning Google ImpressionsThese occur any time a user sees your site in the search links or sees your ad./AnalyticsMetrics such as the number of visitors to the page, which keywords got them there, how long they spent before navigating away, their journey through your site and where they click. These figures are valuable for determining whether optimization efforts for a site have been effective., local statistics, and organic rankingsThis number reflects the position in which a given site shows up in search engine results without paying. A ranking of 2, for example, would mean that the site is the second non-paid hyperlink listed in the search results., our SEO experts will concisely interpret what all the data means for you and your business. These monthly reports are full of easy-to-read graphs and statistics collected over several months. With just a glance, you can see how your site is performing compared to one, two, or three months ago. This data informs our future strategies and lets you, the client, see exactly how Online Image is helping your business. Monthly reports are just the beginning. You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who can walk you through these reports, as well as answer any questions you may have.
Highlights is a quick snapshot of interactions and analysis of your online visibility. It will take 60 days for any information to display here. Check out some other tabs to learn more.
The Rankings tab will show where your site currently stands on Google’s search results.
With the PPC tab, you can keep track of all your paid ads currently managed by your account specialist.
Under the Listings tab, you will find an inventory of directories that list your business information. This may be general directories like Yellow Pages or Yelp! or those more specific to your industry.
Under the Reviews tab, you can keep track of the reviews that have been posted about your business on the Internet.
By clicking the Analytics tab, you’ll find data that demonstrates how visitors are interacting with your website.
With the Local Ranks tab, you can see some statistics that will demonstrate the visibility of your website in your local area.
Use call tracking from OnlineImage® to discover true ROI for your Internet marketing dollar.
With the Control Panel, you can control your business listing’s information all across the internet, with one update.