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Paul Davis

Paul Davis came to Online Image® with several clear goals regarding their online marketing needs. Their first priority was an increase in local and national visibility on search engines for “Water/Flood Damage”-based searches that consumers make online. Next, they needed to create a consistent search presence for Paul Davis franchisees and position Paul Davis International as the top brand for major searches performed by the public. The final goals were to increase overall website visits and interactions by users searching for emergency and restoration services online.
The Challenge
Although Paul Davis has been in the restoration business for many years, competition in their field has grown. This challenges Paul Davis to attract and retain clients while competing against new startups, making their work harder than ever. All this while trying to increase website visibility and user-friendliness for those who may not be familiar with the services they provide.
“When people were searching for our services online, nothing was coming up or it wasn’t a great representation of our brand. We wanted more visibility and a better representation of our brand online.” – Emily Shaffer, Paul Davis Corporate
What did we do?
Since an improvement in management processes, Paul Davis Corporate has seen fantastic year-over-year growth. From June 2015, Paul Davis didn’t match for any of the desired keywords. This means that their customers didn’t see the company appear for relevant searches in their industry. From 2015 to 2017, we added more and more non-branded terms to ensure Paul Davis appeared upon user request. By October 2016, we hit 33 of 42 non-branded terms needed, then moved the goalpost in April to aim higher. As of April 20th 2017, we’ve matched for 66 of 105 terms, leaving them in the top ten.
What This Meant for Paul Davis
Online Image® has worked hard to help Paul Davis Corporate show up in the right places at the right time. When we put their information, services, websites in a prime spot, Paul Davis becomes easier for interested customers to find. We pride ourselves in leading our clients to new business opportunities through this kind of strategic growth.


Part of our mission with Paul Davis is to capture accurate statistics to show how our efforts are working. Turns out, they’re working. In just a single year, Paul Davis saw a 145.5% increase of user visits to their website. More traffic isn’t everything though. Along with this huge flow of new users, our reports show that these users stayed on Paul Davis’ website for 26% longer for individual sessions than they did in 2015-2016.

What Does This Mean?

Online Image® exposed the Paul Davis brand to potential customers through several methods. During our time focusing on the Paul Davis website, we improved the user experience by reducing page load time and separating water and flood damage into separate pages. The Paul Davis website now has better calls-to-action in the right hotspots to attract customer attention. Overall, Online Image® made Paul Davis’ website easier to find and use for those interested in their services. This was so effective that they saw real, measurable results.

“We’ve seen a ‘ridiculous’ increase in the percentage of internet leads coming in.” – Emily Schafer, Paul Davis Corporate

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