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Learn what works for your franchise and overcome challenges all business owners encounter.

Franchise owners trust Online Image® because we treat you like the business owner you are.

We Respect Your Business and Your Need to Grow

Franchisees depend on Online Image® for our one-on-one service to increase their business and revenue through strategic online marketing. As business owners, franchisees need local, on-the-ground support and immediate access to the company handling their marketing strategies, which they receive in abundance from their dedicated Client Services Representative. We take your business as seriously as you do, and our efforts reflect the time and work that each member of our CSR team puts into evaluating the progress of your business and rankings of your account.

Franchisees experience a significant return on investment with Online Image®. Our approach to SEO and digital marketing works faster and more effectively because we start with smarter tools and use them efficiently to increase the quality of leads that convert into customers. We use the platforms and tools we build to drive results that continue to work over time, so you have a near-immediate return on your investment while we set up for the long game, where your tailored plan moves from vision to actuality.

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We Demystify Google and Online Marketing for Our Clients

Franchisees must wear many hats and be experts in every field of their business, from service providers and management to human resources. We know wearing this many hats is nearly impossible, so we remove the pressures of successful marketing and enable you to excel in your arena. You remain focused on running your business and allow our team to handle your marketing needs.

Our expertise lies in the domain of online marketing with tools that convert leads into customers and software that tracks the results. Online Image® accomplishes this through several traditional marketing elements like localized Paid Ads campaigns, specialized content written in-house by our professional writers, in-depth analysis of competitors, so you know where you stand in your area, and more. We build websites that seamlessly connect to your home office and automate all facets of your marketing strategy. We are one of a handful of digital marketing firms that create and use our own software. Our advanced platforms adapt to search engines’ changing algorithms in real-time while aligning with Google’s service guarantee.

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You Align With Your Home Office and Maintain Autonomy

Franchise owners receive the autonomy they need to make decisions. Our software compiles search engine data and findings, and our platform gathers and combines them to form a baseline for automated improvements. Franchisees own and edit their reporting dashboards and control their unique, location-specific paid ads marketing campaigns.

Our digital marketing engine continuously produces real-time updates and reports for franchisors and franchisees, so both parties always know how wisely you allocate your budget. We provide advanced marketing projections as an additional service that indicates what you need to promote and the best time to strike. We use data gathered over time and leveraged over all your digital campaigns to show you the best opportunities for implementation.

Franchisees are not on their own, and our systems ensure continual alignment with the home office. We are an effective solution for your business because we work well for both franchisors and their locations. We keep each franchisee’s marketing aligned with the home office while showcasing each individual location’s capabilities.

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We leverage our proprietary software with the best digital marketing platforms to create online marketing strategies that help franchisees excel. Online Image® is one of the few digital marketing companies that built and uses unique software. We don’t have to wait for updates, because we advance our software and platforms with the ebb and flow of the industry. Our software adapts to the changing search engine algorithms in real time.

Our Results Drive Our Customers Forward

Franchisees face many challenges as both a business owner and an extension of a larger company.

Pillar To Post™

The franchise model of Pillar To Post™ created a unique problem for both their customers and Google. Franchisees were competing with each other and with the home office for overall SEO rankings. Online Image® created a tailored solution that addressed each territory and franchise individually and custom-built a weighted round-robin lead flow system.

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Floor Coverings International®

The Floor Coverings International®’s website had high “traffic” but a low conversion rate because blogging was damaging their SEO. Users were finding Floor Coverings International® to “learn” about flooring rather than “buy” flooring, and Google was losing trust in the brand. We custom-built a platform and software solutions for customers to quickly and easily find them for their actual services.

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Paul Davis

Paul Davis Restoration locations were getting lost in a sea of similar companies. Although they competed for rankings, they did not provide the same type or caliber of service. Visibility was needed to improve for franchisees in their local market and at the national level for the brand as a whole. Online Image® dove into the functionality of the Paul Davis website and identified many underlying problems that lead to their decline.

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Find out what our customers say about us.

We have had overwhelming success. Online Image® set clear and realistic expectations from the start. After a year of being engaged we are seeing 3-4 leads per week with nearly half turning into jobs. These leads have converted into more than $250,000 in less than a year! I am so glad we enlisted the help of Online Image®.

Brad Grimes
Business Development Manager of Paul Davis Restoration North Atlanta

Online Image is the best. They manage my website with ease and professionalism. Tawnya is so great to work with, being very responsive and extremely helpful. They know their business and are eager to make the website work for me. They have been expert in working with me on very special requests to maximize the value of my site. I highly recommend Online Image with no reservations!!!

Joseph Brandli
Pillar To Post Franchisee

We’ve worked with them for 18 months and they have been consistently improving our online presence in rankings and managing our ads. They are quick to turn around new campaigns when we have needed them and most importantly have delivered us a great ROI.

David Savage   Paul Davis of Greater Rochester

We Create SEO Strategies Tailored To Your Needs

We build our teams with intuitive people who look for ways to improve your business. No matter the services a franchise owner may opt for, you can rest assured that your online presence is in good hands. When you win, we win.

We Help Franchisors Align Their Locations and Increase Revenue

Franchisors trust Online Image® because we build solutions specific to franchises. We drill down to your pain points and create viable solutions to overcome these points so that your company excels in your arena. We know what the brand and franchisees need to grow and succeed, so we created it and continue to deliver it, keeping each location’s marketing aligned with the home office, highlighting the capabilities of the brand.

Our Support Turns Marketing Professionals Into Rockstars

Marketing Professionals love Online Image® because we connect and automate all aspects of your website and marketing strategy. Our technology compiles search engine behaviors, proprietary data, and other reporting to create the baseline for automated improvements to your business. We are one of the few digital marketing companies that build and use our software. We made it to adapt to the changing search engine algorithms in real time and remain in alignment with Google’s service guarantee.

Winning For You

What does success look like to you? Our job is to discover what you think is a win and then help you achieve it. With decades of experience integrating with dozens of systems, Online Image® turns one of the most challenging digital hurdles into a walk in the park.

Onward and Upward with Online Image®!