We Partner Seamlessly With Marketing Professionals

We create a plan that works for the franchisees and home office while making your job easier.

Marketing professionals love Online Image® because we connect and automate all aspects of your company’s website and marketing strategy, keeping your franchisees engaged and your home office happy.

We Are Your Marketing Team’s Marketing Team

Marketing professionals value Online Image® because we build, utilize, and continue to improve our software and platforms to benefit your company. The primary goal of Online Image® is to improve our customers’ business, and the by-product is making the marketing team’s job easier. SEO is not a linear process and incorporates all the moving parts of effective online marketing to create a tailored plan of action that’s different based on each client’s specific needs. We have a holistic approach that considers each separate avenue of digital marketing and how each marketing avenue you choose must work together to increase your ROI and grow your business. We have a top-down method with franchise brands that mirrors the internal setup of your company. Our process recognizes that the franchise brand itself is the top of the funnel and the expert in their products. Their franchisees, in turn, provide the expert service of the brand’s product
We deliver a complete solution, combining an intentionally designed website to optimize and automate the following:
-SEO (both organic and local)
-Paid Ads Management (Google, Facebook, etc.)
-User reporting
-User access for all levels of the customer (franchise and franchisee)

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The Nuts & Bolts – Software and The Mechanics of Operations

Our CRM seamlessly integrates with your customer management systems and automatically connects with the Google API Suite, including Google My Business, Google Ad Words, and other API-capable features. We built our software to align with Google, and we capture Google Analytics data about your customers’ online behaviors. We use this data to your advantage in our marketing efforts for you. Knowing how potential customers search for your services and products and understanding how they interact with your website enables Online Image® to place your company in their line of sight for higher conversions.

We measure success with ROI, not clicks. We can’t pay our bills with traffic, and neither can you. Traffic is what stops us from getting to work on time. We structure our websites specifically to maximize ROI and leverage our tools with current data that we gather about your industry, ensuring accurate and real-time responses to Google’s ever-changing algorithm. Because we build our technology, we control its purpose and design. It remains in constant alignment with Google’s customer service promise.

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Our Relationship With Google Benefits You

Online Image® has a distinct and beneficial relationship with Google that we utilize to our customers’ advantage. We built a system that integrated and aligned with their business model in a way they’d never before seen, which drew the attention of Google. We are now a Google Premier Partner. We have direct access to our own dedicated Google representatives who field any challenges or answer questions we cannot. This partnership benefits our customers because we have access to faster processes that simplify online movement for your franchisees. We know we don’t control Google, we only market in their world, and unlike other marketing vendors, Online Image® takes no monetary kickbacks from Google.

The advantages we provide our customers begin with the understanding that everyone who uses this platform to search for an item is in fact, Google’s customer. Users turn to the search engine for a service—information. Google then returns data that it believes fits the user’s inquiry. Whether a person is searching for an auto shop or a dentist, they are Google’s customers. Franchisees must have the best ROI possible for their survival, so we do everything within our capabilities to make this happen.

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We leverage our proprietary software with the best digital marketing platforms to create online marketing strategies that help franchisees excel. Online Image® is one of the few digital marketing companies that built and uses unique software. We don’t have to wait for updates, because we advance our software and platforms with the ebb and flow of the industry. Our software adapts to the changing search engine algorithms in real time.

The Proof is in the Results

We work with multi-unit brands, such as franchises and manufacturers, and have served over 25,000 businesses around the world. These are their some success stories:

Pillar To Post
Pillar To Post™

Pillar To Post™ has a Shared City / Shared Territory franchise model that created a unique set of problems for Google, and subsequently for their customers. Franchisees were competing with each other and with the home office for overall SEO rankings. Online Image® unified the brand, eliminating competition for leads, and increasing revenue year over year. We created a territories page for all the franchisees and built a custom weighted “round-robin” lead flow system that generated jobs and revenue.

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Floor Coverings International®

The Floor Coverings International® website had high “traffic” but a low conversion rate because blogging was damaging their SEO. Their site became a learning platform about flooring rather than a flooring company. Google was losing trust in the brand, and rankings plummeted. We custom-built a platform and software solutions for customers to quickly and easily find their local Floor Coverings International® to purchase new flooring with accompanying installation.
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Paul Davis

Paul Davis’s marketing team had their work cut out as the brand became lost in a saturated market. Companies with similar services opened their doors, and Paul Davis needed to differentiate themselves and showcase their distinguishing characteristics. There was also a demand from franchisees to increase their visibility and have autonomy in their location-specific marketing. After a thorough investigation into the Paul Davis system, Online Image® built a new site for the home office, and personal sites for their network of Paul Davis franchisees, based on the user experience propelling their rankings and increasing business.
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Find out what our customers say about us.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten compliments on the service Online Image® provides for our franchisees.”

Emily Schafer
Marketing Technology Manager

I can honestly (and embarrassingly) say that the team at Online Image® knows more about how our business infrastructure works than anyone in our company. The franchisees received and continue to receive great support from Online Image. Quite simply – these guys know their stuff.

John Verdon Vice President Marketing, Pillar To Post INC.

Hi Joel,
Just wanted to shoot over a quick thank you for helping me lead the onboarding of new Grand Opening owners. Franchisees have provided awesome feedback on their discussion with you and the process, in general, and it’s already helping take a lot of the communication off my plate.

Thank you!!

Katie Pynnonen   Director of Start-Up & Digital Marketing Floor Coverings International

Start With Immediate Results While Prepping for the Long Game

We aren’t for everyone, and we aren’t trying to be. We are the best SEO firm for franchise companies because we have pioneered this niche of the industry. Online Image® executes work that ties into the brand’s overarching plan while supporting your franchisees.

We Help Franchisors Align Their Locations and Increase Revenue

Franchisors trust Online Image® because we build solutions specific to franchises. We drill down to your pain points and create viable solutions to overcome these points so that your company excels in your arena. We know what the brand and franchisees need to grow and succeed, so we created it and continue to deliver it, keeping each location’s marketing aligned with the home office, highlighting the capabilities of the brand.

We Help Franchisees Demystify Online Marketing and Overcome Challenges all Business Owners Face

Franchise owners trust Online Image® because we treat you like the business owner you are. You have your concerns and challenges, so we address these with you as we demystify online marketing. We build solutions to overcome the struggles franchises directly face. We provide you with a dedicated representative who works on your behalf, taking your pain points and creating solutions to overcome these issues and propel your success.

Winning For You

What does success look like to you? Our job is to discover what you think is a win and then help you achieve it. With decades of experience integrating with dozens of systems, Online Image® turns one of the most challenging digital hurdles into a walk in the park.

Onward and Upward with Online Image®!